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Oct 21, - She was teaching me how to think myself to orgasm -- or “think off” for short. The longer explanation is that she was walking me through an exercise -- fully clothed and with no direct genital stimulation -- in hopes of helping me experience what she calls a “breath and energy orgasm.” Carrellas, a New. Have an orgasm by thinking off and creating new erogenous zones | Metro News Alena. Age: 27. outcall Escort in Paris ! Family narrowly escapes burning apartment thanks to firefighters Play Video. Jul 19, - Barbara Carrellas. Barbara Carrellas demonstrates how to have a breath and energy orgasm. Breathe your way to the best orgasm. Medea. Age: 28. Partake in a unique experience with a beautiful, sensual woman ‘Thinking off’ is the way to create orgasms anywhere on your body using your mind Jul 19, - The idea of thinking yourself to orgasm is not new. In the early 's, the Masters and Johnson research team documented the strong connection between sexuality and thought. The connection is particularly strong in women, says Dr. Ian Kerner, author and sex therapist. "The brain is the most powerful. Aug 19, - A few weeks ago, pop star Lady Gaga told an interviewer that she can think herself to orgasm 'whenever I feel like it', and there are whole internet forums dedicated to women who claim to climax during their dreams — again, with no physical contact involved. A few years ago, boffins began working with.

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Nylon. Age: 30. I like to be treated as a fucktoy, animal, humiliated,violated. I appeal to strong, dominant and vulgar men (russian,turkish,blacks-the most). I gladly to be a slave in bdsm activity, gangbang & bukkake. Aug 18, - The mind is a powerful thing – used correctly you can think yourself to an orgasm. Most people going in for some solo loving reach straight for the genitals, but there are more ways than one to achieve climax. Mik Scarlet is an advocate of 'thinking off', where you create new erogenous zones with the help of. Jun 7, - Thinking yourself to orgasm. Turns out, thinking your way to an orgasm is possible — for women, at least. While the female orgasm is still something of an enigma, there are tons of claims from women around the world insisting that they can “think themselves to orgasm," even when they are completely. Nov 27, - What are you thinking about? Credit: Shutterstock. Can you think yourself to orgasm? Giving it a go might help to boost your mood. That's according to Nan Wise at Rutgers University, who has been investigating the brain activity that occurs during imagined genital stimulation. "The ability to think ourselves.


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