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I opened the door and there they were my wife and a man I recognized right away. He was the guy I would she her standing with sometimes when I went to pick her up from the gym. He was a big muscular black man and he was fucking my wife on our bed, and he was showing no signs of stopping. I yelled, "you're fucking. My Wife and a Black Trucker - Wife black trucker Emmanuelle. Age: 22. Beautiful brunette,gorgeous face I have to admit, that with my new fascination with his cock, the idea of at least feeling his meat had already crossed my mind. So a couple of days went by, and I was at work one day. My Wife calls me into the living room. She is dressed in a tight black dress, scoop necked to show off her double Ds, and wearing hi heels and red lipstick. She smiles and tells me to kneel at her feet, as she sits on the sofa, legs crossed, her skirt riding high. She pets my hair a little, smiles, and then says, "I have decided to. Mackenzee. Age: 30. No Colombian Guys My Wife and a Black Trucker Dec 5, - As he starts to picking up the pace, my wife moans louder and louder as she looks at me while she lets out a deep long moan as she cums for the first time. John, being a young man, keeps plowing into my wife. She lets out another loud moan “Oh my God, oh fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me with that big black. Oct 5, - "I talked to one of my black friends about her. He's been fucking his friend's white wife for years now, and he said that given the fact that we are neighbors, and I am friends with both of you, the best way to get into her pussy would be by first making you my cock sucker. "No offence, man, but he said that once.

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Esperanza. Age: 25. I'm Sasha Nov 4, - Seeing her this way and knowing she had this man's cum in her pussy made my cock rock-hard and I couldn't stop from fucking her right then and there. My cock wasn't nearly as big or long as the black-man but as she was my wife and having fucked her countless times I knew the buttons to push and. Mar 27, - Totally out of the blue and so out of character my lovely hubby David casually asked me one night after sex if I had ever fancied being fucked by another man. I was really taken aback the thought had never ever crossed my mind, I am an attractive late 40'ish year old blonde who takes pride in her. May 16, - larry's erotic fantasy or swingers story called My wife is hooked on black men (true story) I would check her history and would find a lot of interracial websites and pictures of hung blackmen.I found myself She said that i had a small cock was a bad lover and that all white girls should fuck black guys.


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