Indoor cat peeing by front door

She's about a year old and is an indoor cat due to her being half ragdoll, we were told they were not to go outside. We used to have a doormat on the. Why is my cat peeing by the door? Evita. Age: 29. I am Dipali a genuine South Indian beauty that once tasted is never forgotten! I am very much quality over quantity which means I do not see many gents each day Oct posted That's why I say there's probably scents coming in the door when you open it that set him off. I tried feeding her near the area (not right in the corner as the bowls would get in the way of the door opening) and she still went to pee in the corner. Inside. She's an indoor cat. It would be a pain as opening the door would push the tray and you'd have to hop over it but i suppose for a month or so it would be possible. Kenna. Age: 22. Hai, Welcome, Iam Rose My cat keeps randomly peeing near the front door. He is an… some day a few months ago noora decided it was necessary for her to pee at our front door. i live in a 1 room appartment so that's pretty annoying. but accidents do happen, i thought, and life went on. it started to happen more often though, and one day when i went out it looked like a dog had marked our. May 12, - Django, 7yo dsh neutered male, had since he was a kitten, has been peeing by the front and back door. He is a VERY shy non aggressive cat who DOES use the litter box but has added the other locations. It is mating season and males (and females) will spray even if your cats are fixed and going to the toilet near the front door | TheCatSite.

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Sophie. Age: 25. Barcelona Independent Elite Escort - She is willing to awaken your wildest desires If your kitty has recently taken to going No. 1 in the most awkward of spots -- say your front door -- then a reaction of frustration is definitely understandable. After all, cat urine can be pretty. Sep 21, - Arlene: Hi, I have a male cat who started urinating on the floor. He does it by my front door, back door and bedroom window. He was a rescue so he was fixed before I took him home. This started in March. Our hardwood floors have really taken a beating. Dylan is 2 1/2 and lives with an older cat and a dog  Missing: indoor. Jun 27, - My cat keeps randomly peeing near the front door. He is an older cat around 10 years of age. The litter brand has not been changed, there is no discoloration or blood in the urine and he does not meow or show any discomfort while peeing. It is also random in that it might be weeks or days between the.


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