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Dec 15, - Auckland is surrounded by beaches and as the largest population center in New Zealand, it is inevitable that there are many people who enjoy naturism. As in the rest of the country, there are no official nude beaches. However, the following are popular nudist spots, although some are more established. Naturism in New Zealand - Nude Beaches, Clubs and More Yui. Age: 27. Hello Ms Love here On a summer day, particularly on the weekends, they are invariably crowded with beachgoers enjoying the Auckland summer weather. Jan 27, - Feel the need to get you kit off and run wild? Read our guide to New Zealand's best nudist beaches. Rosalva. Age: 25. I am polish and i have been a resident of dubai since late 2008 Nude Beaches in New Zealand The nudist revolution! It's everywhere, articles about the top 10 nudist beaches around the world and even top 10 nudist beaches within each individual country, there was even talk of a nudist cruise. I applaud it, I just can't do it myself, I am % British and it isn't in my genetic make-up, I'm sorry. However, I find it both. Dec 10, - St Leonards is one of the best-known nudist beaches in Auckland, which you'll find halfway between Takapuna and Devonport on the North Shore. The small, rocky beach has had a few issues so there are council rules around its use — you have to stay at least 50m from the access steps and can't walk in.

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Devin. Age: 19. My promise: the photos on this website are mine. They are not retouched or beautified. I have no plastic surgery, no silicone or other enhancements. For my privacy, i do not show my face on the photos. Nude Beach There are several established and well-known nude beaches in New Zealand — particularly up north, where the weather is generally warmer — as well as many beaches where clothing is optional. Even many of the country's popular public beaches have set-aside sections where nudists/naturists typically. The beaches on this map fall loosely into two categories. 1. Popular nude beaches a reasonable number of people including families on any warm sunny day. 2. Secluded beaches you may well be the only one there depending on the time of year. click on the various locations on the map, select more and zoom in for. Feb 16, - These beaches have some pretty strict etiquette rules. Follow these tips to stay out of trouble.


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