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Apr 6, - Accept that your penis is smaller than she could have and treat her like a queen because you are lucky to have her. That or date an ugly virgin who has no other options. Your call. girlfriend joking about 'size?' - Forums Joclyn. Age: 29. Elite World Class Escort Jane I wanted to make sure there were other people there just to have witnesses that I let her get her stuff and didn't do anything aggressive or destructive. So sometimes if i bring it on myself my girlfriend will jokingly say i have a small 'penis'. Like today, i It's probably a self esteem thing she has and she finds insulting others makes her comfortable there's probably something about her that she is not happy about and she lets of steam by insulting silahoyunu.infoiend admits to seeing her friend's partner's penis. Oia. Age: 30. I dress beautifully and elegantly for my dates in my huge selection of designer dresses and high heels and am the perfect companion for dinner. But i also have the most amazing collection of lingerie and more for playtime…join me. My girlfriend makes fun of my penis? Jun 5, - She makes comments about penis size a lot, or maybe I'm just listening extra careful to what she says when she mentions it. She knows I'm on the thin side of average Make fun about her breast size, or ass size. Or both. Why not? It's not a trap. penis size/shape whatever? That's not good in my opinion. May 9, - I found a message immediately where she berated me due to the extremely small size of my penis, and the conversation went back and forth between the two continuously about how I could not satisfy her and how . Was she making fun of you or just telling her sister her frustrations about your penis size?

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Kylie. Age: 19. When Was the Last Time Something or Someone Exceeded Your Expectations? Nov 15, - Firstly I would say don't really worry about the size of your penis when you are wearing clothes, you can't see it anyway. As for when you are erect you might be small but is not the end of the world. I am sure that you can still learn to have good sex if you make the effort. I think your girlfriend has been insensitive, especially if  Girlfriends vagina is loose- can't seem to find sex pleasurable. Nov 19, - This Girl Keeps Teasing Me About My Bulge Previous Video: Commentary by: • Joe Jo: • Bart Kwan: http. Apr 6, - I am sick tired of women who say that 6 inches, when fully erect, is not small. They all lie. They will go to the bathroom, and when they come out I hear jokes like "it's not what you have but how you use it!", or "it's not the size of the boat but the waves in the ocean!", and sometimes they throw their pinkies up in.


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