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Jump to Flowering plants - Sexual reproduction in flowering plants involves the union of the male and female germ cells, sperm and egg cells respectively. Pollen is produced in stamens, and is carried to the pistil, which has the ovary at its base where fertilization can take place. Within each pollen grain is a male. BBC Bitesize - KS3 Biology - Plant reproduction - Revision 1 Irma. Age: 25. My name is Fang In most flowering plants the female gametophyte within the ovule consists of only seven cells. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sexual anatomy. The ovules are the plant's female sex cells, which become seeds after successful fertilization. Fertilized ovules are called zygotes and divide shortly after fertilization into the embryonic plant and the endosperm, a nutritious tissue the young plant will use for food until it is able to photosynthesize on its own. A hard seed coat. Lauren. Age: 23. th ebony muse How to Tell the Sex of a Flower Although most flowering plants' flowers contain both male and female organs, the male and female parts are separated in some plants, which prevents self-fertilization. Those plants can be either. Complete flowers have all four floral organs. The floral organs consist of sepals, which are small, green, leaflike structures at the base of petals; petals, which are the colorful part of the flower; female sex organs, including the ovary and ovule, which together are called the pistil; and the male sex organs, including the.

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