Sperm in condoms

She slept with an ex and once he went home she got the condom from the trash and put the sperm in her vagina. Yes, wow is right! I've already reemed her about this and now I just want to make sure she couldn't possibly get pregnant this way?? I've done a ton of internet research and it's really 50/50 from. How long does sperm live in a condom - Baby About Aselina. Age: 24. Please contact me only through my website www Top 10 Best Condoms. Your email address will not be published. In a condom the survival time for some of the sperm is probably measured in hours. So YES, it is definitely possible to get pregnant by using the sperm from a condom used 20 minutes before. Please click ACCEPT. Feel free to ask a specific follow-up question. And a BONUS is always appreciated. Ask Your Own Health. Patricia. Age: 21. Hi guys, Im a 5 Can you get pregnant from sperm from a condom Aug 14, - Condoms act as a contraceptive barrier, preventing pregnancy by blocking sperm from reaching and fertilizing a woman's egg. When used perfectly, male condoms are 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, according to the medical text "Contraceptive Technology." However, few people manage to. Are you a man asking this because you left the condom in the trash and think she may be trying to get pg? If there's no spermacide in the condom it can live for a while inside, at least an hr or two. You can carry a sperm sample to a lab up to an hr after and it's still good. I would recommend taking it with you or flushing it.

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Mrs. Age: 28. Hello again for those who was waiting for me and for gentlemen who did not yet get chance to know me! My name is Olga, I'm elite internationally we'll known escort companion based in Europe My girlfriend I had sex 2 days before she was ovulating we were trying to get pregnant but I got mad that night and put on a condom I ejaculated in the condom I took it off with a towel and four hours later the towel and condom was gone I know what she took it and did with it(place sperm from condom inside her) can she. My girlfriend and i were having sex last night and afterwards she likes me to stay inside of her for a little bit. Since i always use a condom i don't mind. Well last night, we both fell asleep before. Jan 21, - When it comes to applying a condom, timing is everything, Dr Turek said. Putting it on before a penis is errect can lead to improper applicaiton, while doing it too late could lead to sperm to entering a vagina during foreplay. Leaving it on too long could result in sperm plugging the urethra, which creates.


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