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Oct 17, - DOUAI, France — A French appeals court overturned on Monday a ruling by a lower tribunal that had annulled the marriage of two Muslims because the bride had lied about being a virgin. The marriage was annulled earlier this year when a court held that the woman had lied over what is called in French. Outcry after French court rules on virginity | News | Sammie. Age: 30. Behind closed doors I can make your he'd spin with the most extraordinary delight Article of the Civil Code states that when a couple enters into a marriage, if the "essential qualities" of a spouse are misrepresented, then "the other spouse can seek the nullity of the marriage. More from The Telegraph. Nov 19, - A cousin of mine, who married into a Sicilian family, was required to show her blood-soiled wedding night sheets to her new mother-in-law for inspection, proof positive of virginity surrendered. Amelie. Age: 20. I'm 19 exotic black& Mexican mixed beauty I would love to meet up French "virginity lie" couple raps ruling appeal Jun 5, - PARIS — The bride said she was a virgin. When her new husband discovered that was a lie, he went to court to annul the marriage — and a French. Nov 18, - On Monday a French court struck down a ruling that allowed a Muslim man to annul his marriage because his wife was not a virgin. The case continues the legal battle over freedom of religion and women's secular legal rights.

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Ottavia. Age: 22. I looking forward to meet you. Jun 5, - The ruling ending the Muslim couple's union has stunned France and raised concerns the country's much-cherished secular values are losing ground to cultural traditions from its fast-growing immigrant communities. The decision also exposed the silent shame borne by some Muslim women who. Jun 3, - A French Muslim couple have opposed a government decision to contest a court ruling annulling their marriage because the bride lied about being a virgin. Her lawyer has said she accepts the judgement of a court in Lille and simply wants to get on with her life. The court granted the man's request for an. Jun 5, - An outcry over the annulment of a Muslim marriage after the wife lied about being a virgin has prompted the French justice ministry to ask for an appeal against the ruling.


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